Frequently Asked Questions - Digital Phone

What is Digital Phone? How does it work?
Digital phone is a type of Voice over IP (VoIP) service. Voice over IP is a technology that converts audio from your telephone into a data stream, then transmits it out over your internet connection. It is then converted to a normal phone call and the person you are calling won't know the difference! Since the call 'rides' your internet connection and isn't subjected to all the taxes and overhead fees that traditional phone companies charge, you can save a lot of money!

What if my internet connection goes down?
Since our Digital Phone service is transmitted over your internet connection, you will lose phone service if your internet connection goes down, either due to a service outage or power outage.

Can I keep my current phone number?
Yes! As long as you are in a Digital Phone Coverage area, you can port your existing phone number.

Do I have to replace my phone? How many phones can I use?
Not at all! Your current telephones and answering machine will work fine with our Digital Phone Service! We will backfeed your existing phone wiring and disconnect your current phone service during the installation. No need to change wiring or move any of your telephones!

What areas can I call locally?
All areas you can call with your existing phone service will also be local calls with our Digital Phone service.

Will my Fax machine work with Digital Phone Service?
Unfortunately, not very well. Due to the amount of compression that must be placed on the voice traffic that is sent out, Faxing is very unreliable over VoIP. This is an industry-wide limitation. We suggest you research an alternate method for sending faxes, such as eFax.

Can I use your Digital Phone service with another Internet Service Provider?
No. Our Digital phone service is only offered to customers using our service. The reason for this is that we require the voice data stream stays on our network until it gets converted back into an analog voice stream. Some other providers (such as Vonage and Packet8) allow your voice data stream to pass over the internet. This can lead to a lot of finger-pointing when there is a problem, because any problem between your home and the servers at Vonage or Packet 8. Vonage and Packet 8 are not able to resolve the problems, which can cause their service to be much more unreliable. Since our voice data is carried over our own network and no-one elses, we are able to troubleshoot issues much better.

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